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Friday, June 8, 2012

Can't wait to spend the next  few weeks of my "summer break" learning more about the Daily 5!
I have joined a book study with some friends online:)
Live, Love, Laugh Kindergarten is the host!
Live Love Laugh

Friday, April 22, 2011

We had so much fun this week learning about the Letter V!

Look at all the Emergency Vehicles we saw this week!
Of course we always love seeing the Fire Trucks and the Police Cars,
but we REALLY LOVED watching the AirEvac Helicopter land in front of our school!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WOW, What a Colorful week we had!

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we spent the week
learning about Rainbows!  We learned that the smallest part of a rainbow is purple and the largest part of a rainbow is red.  We also learned another name for purple---Violet!!!!  We practiced our Sight words by making a small rainbow from handprints.  First we had to put the hands in the corret order from blue to red.  Then we had to 'read the room' to find sight words we knew and write one sight word on each hand! 

Look at the Rainbow Of Sight Words we created!

On Thursday, We were scientists and We experimented with color!
  We found an experiment that we wanted to try out. 
Our experiment was to find out what happens if you mix food coloring with milk and dish soap

Next we added the dish soap:

Look what Happened!

We read these books and found out  what happens when you mix colors:

Then we practice Mixing Colors with our own paints:

Here are some things we found out:
L--- said "if you mix red with yellow, you really do get orange."
T---said 'I mixed red and blue and got purple!"
Z--said "I mixed red and yellow and made orange"
M--said " I loved mixing  the colors"
Z--said "All the colors mixed in my water and made brown"
W--said '"I had to add more color to mine before it changed"
A--said " I like to paint"
D--said " I made purple"
T--said "It's fun"
S--said "I had to add more paint then I made green"
T--said "My favorite is purple"
L--said " I made orange, green, and purple"
Z--said "I made a rainbow"
B-- said "I liked making purple"

We wondered what would happen if we mixed something other than paint, so we used oil pastels!

We read the story Little Blue, Little Yellow by Leo Leonni
and then mixed yellow and blue oil pastels(they looked a lot like crayons) to make our own color dots:

On Friday, We made Rainbow Milk for our snack!
We decided which color we wanted, then chose the right food colors that would make that color. After we made our milk, we made a "real" graph to see which colors we made. Here is a picture of our Rainbow Milk Graph:

As you can see,
5 of us made Purple Milk! That's Most of us!
3 of us made Green Milk AND 3 of us made Orange Milk! These are the same amount, that's equal!
2 of us didn't mix colors to make their milk!

We made Colorful Milk Mustaches!
Mine is green and Mine is purple!

Watch what happened during our experiment:
First we gathered our materials: food coloring, milk, and dish soap:
Then we added drops of color around the edges of our milk:

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Recently we celebrated Dr. Seuss' Birthday!  We started our celebration with a new favorite activitiy in our room, it's called an Author Study!  We spent the whole week learning about, reading, and listening to a lot of Dr. Seuss books. 

      Take a look at some of the things we did!

We started our study by reading
 The Cat In The Hat
After reading the story, we made a Cat Glyph!
Ms. Vardaman, Ms. Lane, and Mrs Creel's classes made some too!

Then we read  Green Eggs And Ham
We wondered if we would like green eggs and ham, so we made some!

Do you like Green Eggs and Ham?
Most of us found out that we liked them, even though we didn't think we would!
Can you tell who liked them and who did not!!!!

On Read Across America Day, we had several special guests visit us!

During our Author Study, we read and listened to a LOT of Dr. Seuss stories. 
Take a look at some of the stories we read!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Word Family Study

We've been learning about the letter u and the sounds it makes. Our word study lesson was on the "ug" word family!  During our study, we learned about a special kind of dog---Pug dogs.
We read several stories about this kind of dog and we found out that Mrs.Lawrence has one!
This is Sasi!
She came to school to visit us so we could see what a real pug dog looks like!


After she left, we wrote a class story about Pugs:

After we wrote our story we analyzed our writing! 
We found out that we wrote
 8 sentences and 10 sight words!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Check out all the great fun we had learning with some of our Technologies this week!

During Working With Words  time, we reviewed our letter sounds using our
"Smart Board and Clickers"

These are really Smart Response Systems, but we like to just call them our "Clickers"
With just a 'click of a button', Mrs. Lawrence can tell who knows their letters.
Of course, We ALL know our letters, but we have fun anyway!!!

Check out our new Smart Table
Our SMART Table is an interactive learning center.  It's just like the SMART Board, only it's on wheels and can roll all around our school!! It is a 'multitouch, multiuser' table---that is just 'Fancy Nancy' talk to let you know that lots of students can use the table at the same time!  We can have up to 8 students working on the table at one time and we all get to manipulate the objects AT THE SAME TIME!

This is Mrs. Jordan. She is our Curriculum Technologist! We think she's 'Cool'!

      Who knew that Working With Words could be so much fun!
Check us out, we are busy little bees!


It's Working With Words time again, only this time we get to use Mrs. Lawrence's IPAD to read sentences!



Check out our Moble Computer Lab!
We practice our phonics skills using fun websites.